Virgule Crew Battle in Tunisia
Virgule Crew Battle in Tunisia

Description de l'événement :

Celebrating its 18th anniversary, Virgule Crew proudly hosts the African Qualification round for the Soul Cypher Battle in Tunisia
In the vibrant streets of Tunis, B-boys and B-girls gather to showcase their skills, creativity, and passion for the street art.
– The Soul Cypher Battle’s concept 2 vs 2, challenging participants to not only demonstrate technical prowess but also express their soul and connection with their partners and the audience ,
– The winners of the African Qualification round will embark on a journey to Zurich SWISS, where they will compete against the best dancers from around the world.
Soul Cypher Battle in Tunisia represents a milestone in the global B-boying community, showcasing the talent and spirit of African dancers on an international stage
More details will be updated ASAP
concept : 2 vs 2 bboys & B girls
DJ : CHkoz X ..
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PS : the date of event not yet confirmed


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Lieu de l'événement :

📍Tunis, Tunisie

Date de l'événement :

📅 24-08-2024

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